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Well Person Checks

Well Person Checks at Cork Road Clinic

A snapshot of your general health

Well Person Checks are specialised medical check-ups, tailored to each patient which will provide you with a snapshot of your general health. It is based on a physical examination as well as blood and other tests.

Initially, each patient attends an assessment with a practice nurse. This will involve a detailed interview recording your past medical history and habits. Following this, height, weight and blood pressure are measured and urine is checked. Blood tests are taken as appropriate for age, sex, and medical and family history of the patient. The nurse will advise on a healthier lifestyle for you based on your interview. Blood tests can include a full blood count, kidney and liver blood tests, cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid test, and a prostate blood test for men where appropriate. Please fast for 12 hours before your nurse’s appointment.

A follow-up appointment with a doctor will be arranged ten days later. At this appointment, you will have a physical examination and the doctor will explain to you the results of the tests you had with the nurse earlier.

You will be provided with a copy of all your results to keep. There will be a separate charge for these medicals, payable by all patients.

If you are interested in getting a snapshot of your health, contact us at 022 21579.